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New Historical Fiction/Fantasy Novel: The Elister Chronicles

The Elister Chronicles Cover

New Captivating Novel From College Engineering Student in Arizona Links Fantasy, History, And 9-11

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‎It was as if a blanket

‎was thrown over the city every day at dusk, suspending its inhabitants in silence and miring the buildings in this misty fog. Every street and building looked the same, fixed and uninteresting, as though each block was a portrait of itself, giving the illusion of dimension, but lacking in physical substance.

A creative video I made a while ago about our universe

A video I made of my editing process for my novel

Bahai Youth Service Corps at Louhelen Bahai School (summer 2007)

The Elister Chronicles

Follow the progress of my current novel as updates regarding its completion and publication are posted.

Soul Meets Body by Death Cab for Cutie

To see a galaxy, nay a thousand such.

Generation 2k

We.  That word should have new meaning to us today.  We sit here in civilian rank and file, honored guests of a distinguished past, proof of History’s greatest mystery.  That is the ability to steam forward, endless and boundless; the ability to remember a man forever, immortalized in space, and ubiquitous in time.

                However, today we see a difference.   She no longer remembers this man or that woman.  She hails and praises a generation of men and women that saw a future as never before seen, that had a vision larger than History itself.  A man of our great generation once said, “We may not be geniuses, you and I; we may not be the best of the best or the highest of social classes.  But for our part, we had a vision.  To see a galaxy, nay a thousand such in a blink of the eye, surely this is a gift worthy of genius.”

                He could have been speaking of us, of Generation 2K in the years and steps we have taken to shape the fortunes of this planet.  We entered this world in the last decade of a century of turmoil, and a millennium of unparalleled changes and with us we brought something She had caught only glimpses of in bygone years.  What was it?  Vision.  Ambition.  Optimism.  But perhaps most of all, faith.  Not just faith in God above and not simply faith in the system or the social order of the righteousness of one’s personal endeavors, but an unquenchable faith in one another, an unequivocal belief in camaraderie, an insatiable thirst for progressive knowledge, and an unrivalled passion for the universal well being and enlightenment of mankind in its entirety.

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